How to fish from a sailboat

Fishing from a Sailboat

Want to learn to fish? Wonder why you don’t catch fish on sailing passages? Want to catch more fish, larger fish?  Learn everything you need to know about how to fish from a sailboat. The technique isn’t much different but there are a important details, and tricks, that will enable you to catch more fish and bigger fish while sailing.  Master fishing on passage

Read Fishing To Live. It’s a how to guide for offshore fishing on passage with information on equipment, rigging lures, hooks, leaders as well as how to catch and clean fish. It has more than 50 photos of how to rig everything as well as detailed step by step instructions.

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Fishing To Live, how to fishing guide, fishing from sailboat

yellow fin tuna caught on sailboat, fishing from a sailboat

Fishing to Live is a how-to fishing guide for anyone that wants to learn how to fish offshore. It’s specifically written for sailors who want to learn how to fish from their sailboats.

Late night swordfish caught on sailboat, fishing from sailboat

 The techniques in this book will work for anyone who wants to go out on the ocean and catch fish, whether going out for a day or for an extended passage around the world.

shark caught on passage aboard a sailboat, sailboat fishing, fishing from sailboat

The book covers the equipment needed, how to rig lures, how to set up your boat for fishing as well as how to best land, fillet and store fish and clean everything up afterward.

fishing for mahi from sailboat, sailing fishing

Everything is detailed step by step with easy to follow directions, step by step photos, and links to exclusive videos.  Download in pdf format and read instantly on any computer, iPad, smartphone or Kindle.


offshore fishing for spearfish, sailboat fishing

tuna fishing, offshore fishing from a sailboat

Table of Contents:

Fish You’re Likely to Catch


Rigging Tools


How To Rig Lures


How to Rig the Boat

Landing Fish

Cleaning Fish

Maintaining Your Gear

sailboat fishing, how to fish on sailboat

Fishing To Live, how to fishing guide, fishing from sailboat


This book is also available on Amazon

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